Who Are We?

An online learning platform for all ages developed by a team of educationists, science communicators, and astronomers. SPACE Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd. a unit of SPACE Group, established in 2001. The trademark of SPACE is innovation, passion, and total commitment to spreading knowledge of astronomy and space sciences to the public. Every project in SPACE is an opportunity for us to communicate our belief in developing scientific temperament to people, especially children, to create an intelligent and analytic global community. SPACE has successfully implemented astronomy and space science curriculum in the Indian education system. In this context, we have developed a variety of astronomy and space science educational concepts through astronomy projects, sessions, tutorials, and modules based on school/college curriculum for education, catering to the needs of schools & students in India.

Why choose our Programs and Products?

  • Classes taught by passionate astronomers.

  • Brand trusted by 500+ leading schools across India.

  • SPACE is a pioneer in astronomy education since 2002.

  • Annually 1 lakh+ students get associated with our programs and events.

  • Best in class curriculum designed with hands on and STEM based immersive learning

  • A network of over 5 lakh graduate students. Many of them have successfully gone on to pursue their higher education in leading universities and industry, launched satellites, discovered asteroids, and even a comet.

Space India students made once-in-a-lifetime discovery.

We are proud to announce that two Girls from Surat with the help of SPACE-All India Asteroid Search Campaign (which is now included in iAstronomer) discovered a new Asteroid which is a Near-Earth Object. Vaidehi Vekariya Sanjaybhai and Radhika Lakhani Prafulbhai, two students of P.P. Savani Chaitanya Vidya Sankul (CBSE), Surat, Gujrat, India discovered a new Asteroid which is named HLV2514. It is a near-Earth object (NEO) which is currently near the planet Mars, and over time (~10^6 years) will evolve into an Earth-crossing asteroid. We congratulate both the students and teachers for the tremendous discovery.
SPACE-All India Asteroid Search Program

What will you learn?

  • Doing projects suited to your skill levels.

  • Earn reward badges as you accomplish quests in the course.

  • Covers complete fundamentals of Astronomy.

  • Never miss as astronomy event in the sky with our monthly discussions on the sky and observing projects.

  • Develop leadership skills as well as skills for working as an effective team member.

  • Get involved in public outreach of astronomy with a goal to make a difference in the community.

Club Structure

Thank you for making Astronomy Summer Camp 2020 a huge Success!

SPACE India launched our first Astronomy Summer Camp 2020 during the summer breaks of 2020. We received an overwhelming response from our students. Over one thousand students from all over India took part in the Astronomy Summer Camp 2020 (some students joined us from other countries as well).  Astronomy Summer Camp 2020 was the debut of SPACE into online education. The camp featured 10 exciting days of live interactions with our astronomers with hand on activities. The camp was conducted for school students of standard 3rd and above to introduce them to astronomy and space sciences. During the camp, students learnt about stargazing, our universe, stars and their life cycle and even measured the circumference of the Earth. Thank you to our students community and partner schools for making the Summer Camp a huge success. We look forward to serving you with ever greater enthusiasm in our  Astronomy Summer Camp in 2021 edition.
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Reliving the Astronomy Summer Camp 2020

Our students are our brand ambassadors







Thank you to SPACE for inspiring the next generation of explorers! They have great things to accomplish and your contributions to their education has provided the base! Congratulations!



Space…fascinating life beyond stars. May SPACE India give space to thinking mind to satisfy their curiosity. Innovate, patent and take India forward towards universitality of being and thought. Best wishes in your endeavour.



I am delighted to extend my warmest greeting to the students of India on their discovery of asteroids in ‘All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2016’ conducted by SPACE in India in collaborations with International Astronomical Search Collaboration. I appreciate the efforts of SPACE India for encouraging the young minds of the country. My best wishes!



Dream ! Dream Big and don't step back till you achieve what you set out to do – things are never as difficult as they first appear when viewed from outside!



Study in Astronomy requires passion, patience and perfection, which we can find in our young students, they should be harnessed to work at forefront of this real science. I appreciate the endeavour by SPACE.



I am glad to be a part of Project Paridhi. I always think that our classrooms should produce scientific minds and then only we can get rid of lots of misconceptions and obsolete traditions. I am really impressed with the activities and work of team SPACE.



SPACE is doing a great job of developing scientific temperament and busting myths related to astronomy among the people, Good luck for future endeavours!


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Astroport, Space Adventure Program
Astronomers Without Borders
Space Arcade
University of OXFORD

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Our Success Stories

All India Asteroid Search Campaign

This international science project, has resulted in remarkable achievements including – 20 Provisional confirmed discoveries of Asteroids, as well as almost 7604 Preliminary discoveries. 50, 000 students and amateur astronomers have participated in this campaign from all over India. The discoverers have been congratulated by eminent VIPs and scientists. 2015 discoverers were recently invited by ISRO to watch a launch as guests of ISRO. The 1st asteroid discovered in this programme in 2010 has now been announced as a ‘Numbered’ asteroid which will be named. In 2020 our students discovered 400 in phase 1 and two girls reported a near earth object category asteroid.

Indian Student Satellite Launch

Space India Club alumni Mr. Aabhaas Sikka, during internship with Space India successfully created and launched cubesats: "Ramansat - I" and "Ramansat - II" with R&D team in 2019 aboard NASA Rocket and HAB in association with idoodledo Inc.

Project Khoj-Search for Greenwich of India (2004 – 2006)

Project Khoj, a multi-phase project by SPACE, involved locating the Indian Standard Time line which was found to be near Mirzapur (82.5E) by a SPACE led team of a groups of teachers and students from across India. Khoj has found mention in the Oxford University Press text book “Maps, Measurements and Meaning”.


Heliodyssey is one of the flagship project of Space India which has a long history of making young eclipse chasers from 2006, In 2019 - top 20 students selected though SHOT-19 competition across India embarked on a student scientific solar expedition to Sultanate of Oman. Students performed scientific experiments and observation during the expedition such as: multiple measurements including air/soil temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and wind speed were taken along with photographs of the eclipse and win telescopes, goggles etc. in various categories based on ranking.
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Space Astronomy Club: iAstronomer

A club for all astronomy enthusiasts!

Our Team

Senior Educator Prachee Sheetal

With a science background, I was always inspired by scientists all the time. But after joining SPACE, the exploring of the vastness of space, learnings of various theories, about the formation of planets, moons, etc & unraveling the mysteries of celestial objects has become a true passion of mine. Moreover, I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for astronomy with others. I love discussing astronomical phenomena, engaging in conversations about various planets, space missions, and past missions, and encouraging others to look up and appreciate the beauty above us. It's a joyful experience to connect with like-minded individuals and inspire curiosity about the universe in people of all ages.

Astronomy Educator Himanshu Gautam

I have always wanted to know more, explore more and learn more. When I started teaching Astronomy and Space Science to students, it was like, I was meant to do this. There's so much to learn and explore in the field of Astronomy. When I held telescope for the first time in my hands, I knew that it is going to be an amazing journey. Watching Moon and rings of Saturn made me very happy. It has been a great journey so far. When I see the same enthusiasm on student's face, it feels me with soo much pride and excitement that I just want to give all to the students I educate on Astronomy. I want to do the justice to this role.

Astronomy Educator Ashish Negi

Aim to create an atmosphere where students can thrive, dream big, and embark on their own cosmic journeys. It is my unwavering dedication to guiding and shaping young minds that drives me to make a meaningful impact in the field of education.

Astronomy Educator Aman Kumar

"Let us redefine what we know and explore what is hidden."