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Note: iAstronomer Kit is a physical product to support SPACE India's flagship program - iAstronomer. The product will only be shipped to our customers.

What is an iAstronomers Kit?

Quick! Grab your iAstronomer kit now to experiment with mirrors and lenses, have a wonderful planet and universe booklet, use a zodiac wheel, observe the Sun safely, use a spectroscope to see spectrum's of different sources and play various activities, and much more. iAstronomer kit is exclusively designed and curated combination of tools and equipment's that budding astronomer's requires. Your kit box will come with some amazing scientific tools, DIY fundamental science kits, sessions activity aids, science games inspiring posters, branded goodies.

Moon Phases Puzzle
Astronomy Worksheets and Quizzes Sheets
Solar View Goggles
Moon Poster
Zodiac Wheel Kit
3D Goggles
Modeling Clay
DIY Solar System Hanging Paper Model
Magnetic Compass
Planets and Universe Booklet
Gnomon Rod & Base
Constellations Book
Goodies: SPACE T-Shirt, SPACE Cap, SPACE Notebook & Pen
Concave, convex, Plane Rectangular Mirrors
Sets of Magnets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon will I receive the kit?

    This is an advance order. Your order may take anywhere from 7 to 15 days to reach you after dispatch.

  • Are shipping charges included?

    Shipping charges for delivery through a courier service anywhere in India are included in the cost of the iAstronomer kit.

  • Do you ship the product internationally?

    Unfortunately, we do not at this point of time ship our product outside India.

  • How do I provide my Shipping Address?

    SPACE will ship the product at the address provided to us at the time of registering on this website. We request you to check that you have provided us with the correct address, phone number and email address so that we can reach you.

  • Will SPACE be providing me a tracking number?

    Yes, SPACE will convey you the tracking information about the product at the email provided to us.